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As a pediatrician and mom of 8, I know parenting can bring out the best and it can bring out the worst...

Don’t let situations like these trigger survival-mode parenting:

  • ADHD

  • ​Tantrums

  • ​Aggressive Behavior

  • ​Meal-time battles

  • ​Ignoring or tuning out

  • Bedtime meltdowns
  • ​Bedwetting
  • ​Screen Addiction
  • ​Social or School Anxiety
  • ​and MORE...

If you want a gentle (yet effective) holistic approach to behavioral health and parenting, you're in the right place! 

I'm dedicated to sharing evidence-based mind, body, spirit strategies to help your kids build emotional resilience and to empower YOU to be an effective and compassionate parent in any situation.


"Parenthood, like life in general, is schoolhouse to the soul; the learning comes experientially. The unsettling reality is that we must keep being parents while still learning how—it is the only way one really does learn how. Rather than outward technique, it is the internal landscape of the heart that affects parenting more than anything else." -Mary Wilde, MD

(excerpt from Faithful Nurturing: Mothering from the Heart to the Heart)

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